Go Bears!

Go Bears!

Owen with his 2nd place trophy

I never thought I’d be one of those moms who actually gave a shit if her son scored a home run, pitched a no-hitter or won a baseball game. In fact, out of all those three things I just listed, up until a few months ago, I only knew what “baseball game” meant. Of course, I wanted him to have fun and do well, but I never felt passionate about the winning part. I guess I didn’t get it. I wasn’t an athlete in high school. I wasn’t even coordinated enough to practice gymnastics. My talent was falling over my own feet. So I never imagined I’d have a child who excelled in any one sport, much less multiple sports.  Then when I realized that my son is good, like, really good, something changed. I felt pride, but I also felt something else. Deep in my belly: a desire for him to win.

I noticed the opposing teams would try hard to strike him out and didn’t want him to pitch because they were afraid of his fast balls. After that, my attitude changed pretty damn quick.

Now I guess I’m one of THOSE moms. The problem is, I don’t have the cheering skills down like some of these other parents. My voice cracks and I end up screaming at the wrong times like I’m on a 7-second delay. Then when I do get fired up and think up some words of encouragement on my own, they’re always inappropriate. In hindsight, shouting “Destroy those little fuckers!” might not have been in the spirit of good sportsmanship. But neither is getting red-faced and arguing with the umpire (or is it the referee?) like some parents do. At least I don’t do that. Not yet, anyway.

The Bears had a great season, but ended up losing the state championship to another town. As always, though, it was interesting to watch.

Some things overheard at my son’s last game:

From the parents:
1. Stop writing Suck It in the dirt and pay attention to the game, Tommy!
2. Pull up your goddamn pants, Charlie, or I’m coming out there.
3. The other way, Cole! Run the other way!

From the players:
1. Mom, can I puh-leeze pee behind this bush?
2. He hit me in my Jujy-fruits!
3. I’m bored. Can we go to Dairy Queen now?


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